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Hood & The Restless


Hood and the Restless is the first film venture of MVDHOUSE. It is a finished short film of 20 minutes written and edited by Wesley Cabarios, produced by Shane Campbell and directed by Philippe Bicos. It stars Wesley Cabarios, Ihsan Pebenito, Jahzara Brown, Dizzy Dinero, La'Trell, Joel Zola, and Melie B Rondeau. 


The story is of a young father on a journey trying to pay for his child's tuition at Canada's most prestegious elementary school in order to win custody of his child back. And he must figure out how he can do this in 3 days. 

It is a fun, dramatic, and heart warming story of what defines a good and a bad person. 

In the future we hope on turning HOOD & THE RESTLESS into a full length feature film or television series. 

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